Lincoln Rock 'n' Roll Club

 Forthcoming Events at Lincoln Rock and Roll Club

 upcoming gigs for 2017/2018. friday,september 8th,the buddies.friday,6th october,the riverboys.friday november 3rd.porkys hot rockin.friday,15th december,dogone daddys.friday,5th january.thehicksville bombers.friday,2nd,febuary.memphis riders.friday,march 2nd,the roosters.

Below is a our next planned events for the coming new year, which we really hope you will be able to come along and support. It is only with your support that we can continue to put on these great shows.this year we have got four bands that will be playing for the first time for us,six bands we have had over the years back by public demand,and two bands that are true legends on the rockin scene,having played all around the world at the big festivals and weekenders,