Lincoln Rock 'n' Roll Club

Lincoln Rock 'n' Roll Club is run by a small, but dedicated group of rock and roll enthusiasts from around Lincolnshire.

At most of our club evenings we have a live band, and we aim to get the very best. The Jets, THE ROOSTERS. The Kingcats, RESTLESS.PORKEYS HOT ROCKIN.HICKSVILLE BOMBERS ETC and always try to invite overseas bands so we can  give the club the very best in rock and roll music.

Our musical tastes range from across the swing, boogie, rock and roll and rockabilly genre and we have oneone of the best DJs,on the rockin scene,STEVES ROCK N ROLL ROADSHOW to fill in between live bands and to provide a superb show in HIS own right.PICTURES BELOW 


We are a small, local club that organizes & hosts Rock & Roll Music events.  We book some of the biggest &  best bands in the UK . The club is looked after by tony,mandyand ,nessa who spend hours making sure each event is the very best we can put on for our friends. 

This is where we hold our events, Brant road Social Club in Lincoln. Capacity is 200.  It offers secure parking with CCTV &  we also have our own event security staff to ensure everyone can enjoy their night. For satnavs you need to enter LN5 9AJ which will get you to the venue.

Our events are hosted monthly and a full listing of forthcoming bands can be found on this site .on facebook,where we have our own page.and in uk rock n roll gig guide.

below we see our lovely ladies and the heart of the operation. Marie, on the left is our fundraiser - watch your wallets!  And on the right, Tracey; she is our cashier and looks after the dough.christine keeps us fed and watered on gig nights Without everyone willing to put in their time and effort the club would be nothing, so thanks to all who help in any way, shape, or form.

We never book bands unless we have seen them first hand; also we listen to what our friends have to say with regard to the bands they would like to see. We cater for both rock n roll & rockabilly fans and this is  reflected in the bands we book. So if its jivers, strollers or boppers you like, then why not pay us a visit. We have bands from the UK and Europe booked this year, something for everyone, a warm welcome is guaranteed.

Below you can see a snippet of the quality of our events and venue. Mandy and Nessa helping out on stage with The Kingcats - this is the sort of fun we get up to!